Averatek Corporation is a high tech company based in Santa Clara, CA that provides custom design services and patterned flexible circuit board materials manufactured through the use of an innovative, proprietary process.

Averatek’s additive metal “print and plate” technology can create metal lines/spacing widths below 10 microns and deposit copper to a thickness level from 0.1 micron up to 10 microns or more. The additive feature of this technology allows the direct deposition of copper on flexible substrates in the pattern specified by the circuit design artwork without tie coat, adhesive, etching, or waste of copper.

Averatek technology is superior in performance, line/spacing widths, and cost to (1) subtractive etch processes that use chemicals to remove copper and other materials to reveal metal patterns and (2) conductive inks used in direct circuit printing methods.

Our History

Averatek Corporation was founded by SRI International, a global contract research and development institution and a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who have a long history in specialty metal plating businesses and products for companies in the computer, storage, and automation industries. SRI was part of Stanford University as the Stanford Research Institute from 1946 until 1970 when it became an independent non-profit contract research firm. Scientists at SRI invented and patented the technology that is at the heart of the Averatek process.



Mike Vinson

chief operations officer



Divyakant Kadiwala

manufacturing manager